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Unravelling, Deepening and Theorising Perspectives from Within...


The TICI Journals are double blind, open-access, peer reviewed journals engaging with Adivasi / Tribal and Dalit realities, with a definitive focus on Adivasi and Dalit episteme. It is a joint endeavor by progressive academicians and educators towards a critical theoretical engagement on the contemporary realities of Adivasis / Tribes and Dalits. Its primary goal is to bring to the public academic domain research papers and articles by scholars, activists and practitioners working on Indigenous Peoples and Caste in South Asia , with a special focus on India.

TICI Journals encourage scholarly writing that engages with fundamental issues sourced directly from peoples lived experience. The Journals provide opportunity for constructive theoretical engagement and critical dialogue in the interest of achieving social justice. Our goal is to assist us collectively in recognizing the current potential for social justice towards a tribe-sensitive and caste-free reality. We believe that through dialogue, there exists the possibility of evolving ideas about freedom, justice and equality in the context of indigenous peoples and dalits in India.

The TICI Journals are an initiative of adivaani (an  archiving, chronicling and publishing outfit of and by adivasis registered as a Trust (No. 4326 of 2012, West Bengal) operating out of Kolkata, in collaboration with the Tribal Intellectual Collective India and are available as online journals. Adivaani Publishing House holds the copyright of all articles in TICI journals.

For more information on the collaborative efforts of adivaani, kolkata and the Tribal Intellectual Collective India please visit the website of adivaani, kolkata.


Tribal Intellectual Collective India

Virginius Xaxa
National Co Convener (Organisation)
Bipin Jojo
National Co Convener (Academic)
bodhi s.r
Coordinator Publication
Ruby Hembrom
Coordinator Research
Reep Pandi Lepcha
Coordinator Fellowships
Kanchan Thomasina Ekka
Coordinator Journals
Coordinator Training (Skill Upgradation)
Coordinator Training (Community Education)
Raju Narzary
Coordinator National Congress
Joy Prafful Lakra
Academic Convener- Philosophy
Xavier Mao (Professor, NEHU, Shillong)
Academic Convener- History
Bhangya Bhukya (Professor Asso., UoH, Hyderabad)
Academic Convener- Linguistics and Folklore
V.Rajunayak (Professor Asst., EFLU, Hyderabad)
Academic Convener- North East Studies
Alex Akhup (Professor Asso., TISS, Mumbai)
Academic Convener- Education
Victor Narzary (Professor Asst., ADBU, Guwahati)
Academic Convener- Social Work
Trichao.T.Ngaopunii (Professor Asst., DU, Delhi)
Academic Convener- Human Rights and Exclusion Studies
Venkatesh Vaditya (Professor Asst., EFLU, Hyderabad)
Academic Convener- International Social Work
Biswaranjan Tripura (Professor Asst., TISS, Mumbai)
Academic Convener- Labour Studies
Johnson Minz (Professor Asst., TISS, Mumbai)


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